SmartMiles Program from Nationwide

What is the Smart Ride Program?

SmartRide, a usage-based insurance program, gives you personalized feedback to help you make even safer driving decisions. There is a device program where you plug it into your car and a mobile app as well. Device programs are specific to the vehicle whereas the Mobile App program stretches across all vehicle on your policy.


How much of a discount do you get for participating?

The Base participation discount you get for signing up is always 10% and at the end of your monitoring period you receive your final discount which can be up to 40%. When your final discount is applied it replaces the participation discount.

Example: Your client gets the 10% participation discount and when they are done with the program Nationwide calculates they earned a 30% driving discount so when its all said and done they would actually only get a 20% discount. Once the Smartride final discount is earned it stays on the policy for the life of the policy.  If the mobile version was completed it applies to all vehicles, even future added vehicles, once on the policy.  If the device program was completed, the Smartride discount stays with which vehicles that have completed the program and will transferred to any vehicle added to the policy to replace a vehicle that has already completed the program.  Any new vehicles that are not replacement vehicles would need to enroll and participate to receive the Smartride discount.


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